KLM -Koninklijke Marechaussee

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KLM - Koninklijke Marechausee

De waarschijnlijke uitjommt - Ein wahrscheinliches Ergebnis -

A likely outcome.....


OSBOURNE, je moet weten waar je hier bent.

Ik weet dat je eerder gedetineerd bent geweest,

dus je weet wat er zal konnen. Doe all je kleding uit, ook het ondergoed.

Hoofd naar achtenen, steek je tong uit en doe je armen omhoog. Draai je om.

Spreid je aars billen.....

OSBOURNE,  Du musst wissen warum Du hier bist.

Ich weiß dass Du bereits im Haft Anstalt war.

Zieh' all deine Kleidung aus, auch die unterwäsche. Kopf zurück, Zunge rausstrecken und Arme heben. Dreh dich um.

Spreiz deinen Arsch Hintern.....

OSBOURNE, you must know why you are here.

I know that you were already in prison..... So you know what's coming. Strip! Take all your clothes off, also the underwear. Head back, stick out your tongue, raise your arms.

Turn around. Spread your arse cheeks.....



On 12 September 2021, I boarded the KLM flight from Dresden to Schiphol.

My trip, which was meant to be onto London, was for essential survival reasons.

I had valid Double Corona-Covid 19 vaccination proof on my Smartphone.

My seat was 14A.

I wore the prescribed Mark 2 mask.

Because of respiratory and psychological issues, I did not find that easy,

to say the least, but throughout the flight, up to and including my arrest,

I did my best.

At the point of mid-flight meal service, I became already aware of a strange

Prejudice from the Senior Cabin Attendant. Her negative Attitude to me was already obvious, including her trivial question of whether she was prepared

to serve me Cookies with my Coffee.

After this period, as far I could see, almost everyone was not wearing any masks, in any position...

I recall thinking that to be rather odd...

I was re-wearing my mask, admittedly with small gaps by my nose, which is pierced.
I have double-immunisation [Astro Zenica] against Corona Covid-19.

The Second Cabin Attendant gestured me, but oddly not other passengers

in the vicinity, most of which were still not wearing any mask in any position, to raise the level of my mask.

I politely said that this would cause me difficulty, because of these provable respiratory and psychological issues, but I would do my best.

She intimated “OK”.

Soon, in what can variously be described as an aggressive, frustrated, hostile, loud, prejudiced, threatening and altogether unprofessional tone, the Senior Cabin Attendant - Regina Amber Linette DENNERT - approached me in a very rude manner.

I then politely told her that, despite my problems, I would do my best to comply. Which I did, up to and including on my subsequent arrest.


The response and behaviour of DENNERT to my physical and

Psychological health situation was truly aggressive, annoying, shocking and

completely unprofessional.

Het gedrag en handelen van DENNERT, jegens mijn psychische en psychologische situatie, was agressief, choquerend, ergelijk en volstrekt onprofessioneel. 


It is extremely interesting that, in her alleged evidence, by way of identifying me -

I would say “picking on me”- DENNERT refers to me being pierced.

As my name, passport, seat nr. 14A, and Air France- KLM silver Flying Blue card 1118 435 460, are all registered, I suggest that shows part of her personal prejudice against me. Body piercing is no crime, nor are multiple tattoos, or visibly from an open shirt wearing a Star of David necklace...


I did not deliberately cause any nuisance or trouble.

At no point, did I threaten any KLM personnel.

I did say that, on arrival at Schiphol Airport, I would complain about their conduct.

Which they knew full well, I would have done, had I not later been detained, at their insistence, mostly in horrendous conditions...


If they felt threatened, that says considerably more about them than me.

In fact, it was DENNERT who threatened me...

There were no “screams”, as such, and even after I pressed a call button from my seat, calmly reporting to DENNERT that I would do my best to comply “they” proceeded with having a so called violation notice served. And I was still wearing the mask best I could...


I wanted Karma, peace and quiet, reconciliation and no trouble.

I had already made my mind up not to continue my journey onto London by KLM.

I had and have lost all confidence and trust in KLM.

The compliance notice was served on me.

While I may have snatched it in disgust, the allegation that I then screwed or tore it up, however distressed I admittedly was, is nonsense.

When the aircraft was descending into the Amsterdam area, a City that I have visited many times with pleasure over nearly 50 years, I quietly and reflectively looked out of the window, delighted to have survived the most horrendous flight during the

worse existiential world crisis in my living memory.

I then heard tanoid from the cockpit that there would be a delay in disembarkation, because of - to quote -  “an unruly passenger”...

I correctly assumed that the "Captain", or meant me...




On landing at Schiphol Airport, I saw and, from a distance towards the back of the aircraft, heard the Koninklijke Marechausee [Police] enter the aircraft. After some discussion between VAN GERWEN and the Police, He approached me and I politely greeted him “Good Afternoon”... He turned around and gestured to the Police in my direction.

It is quite untrue for VAN GERWEN to claim that I attempted to "pull (or push) away".

I still naively wanted reconciliation. It is now all too very clear to me that the KLM crew wanted to cover up for their own operational stresses and weaknesses by savage vengeance on me. Quite honestly, I felt safer being led off and away the aircraft by the Koninklijke Marechausee [still in a mask].

I do admit, on almost leaving the aircraft that I said to DENNERT  that “I hoped she was satisfied” with the needless trouble she had caused to me, the other passengers and, indeed, the Police.


I also admit I had earlier described her conduct as “murdersome”.


Any usage of the term “Fuck” by me was only after extreme provocation by KLM personnel.


Ik heb niet bewust enige overlast veroorzaakt. Ik heb op geen enkel moment bedreiging geuit jegens het personeel. Indien het personeel zich bedreigd voelde, zegt dat meer over hen dan over mij. Ik heb niet geschreeuwd. Ik heb zelf, middels de knop boven mijn hoofd, de crew ingeschakeld. Ik heb de purser, op rustige toon, verteld dat ik mijn best zou doen om te voldoen aan hun verzoek. Dessalniettemin, heeft de crew mij een zogeheten 'violation' overhandigd. Vervolgens is de captain naar mij toegekomen. Ik heb hem op rustige toon een goedemiddag gewenst en was voornemens het issue zonder problemen op te lossen. Het feit dat het personeel provocerend bleef, dreef mij tot het bezigen van het woord 'Fuck.'

KLM -Koninklijke Marechaussee Conduct

Accompanied by their Officers, without handcuffing, I co-operated with their transit procedure to the Station House. They told me that I would not have to wear a Mask, but should sit quietly in their van which I did. On the way, they diverted to the front of the airport building to pick up somebody else, presumably also under arrest.

On arrival, I was first told to wait inside the police van, of which the exit door remained open, while they initially processed the other guy. It was truly shocking for me to see them frisk a young man, with his trousers lowered down, so exposed in the Station House yard.

It was forewarning, however, of the indignity I would soon experience myself...

I was now asked to leave the van,

An Officer comprehensively body frisked me for, and this is in the Police Evidence, “security reasons”. In principle thereof, I have no complaint, but much or even most of what was about to occur raises very substantial concerns:

I am 74kg in weight, 182 meters in height. I am covered, from head to toes, in tattoos.

At that time, I had 42 piercings in my face and ears; throat; neck; naval; penis; scrotum and anus. I am Diabetic, have psychological issues [although, it has to be said, no delusions], some respiration problems - particularly under extreme Stress as on the KLM aircraft and during the hours of what was to come - and I have Homosexual inclinations.

I was asked, still in mutual vision and earshot of the other guy arrested,  just how many piercings I had and their location. The conversation and situation, still in the outside yard, got quite intense. My reply was co-operative, friendly and honest. Having been now instructed to take the belt out of my blue suit trousers, they then fell down, revealing my white brief underwear which was then already partly soiled...

My Penis was then unavoidably exposed. It was then, unfortunately, partly erect.

I told the Officer that the one of the piercings in it, a so called “Reverse Prince Albert”, could not easily come out. I also said that, if and when I had some privacy, albeit in their temporary detention, I would be prepared to temporarily remove such piercings as I could.  

I have both sympathy for and some thanks, but regrettably also some criticism to make, of the subsequent Police conduct. It was good of them to let me have several cigarettes and coffee in their yard. I have strong claustrophobia and, especially given my overall innocence on the KLM aircraft, being locked in an empty cell would cause me severe distress and hardship, as I told them.

Before the legal questioning and translating of the KLM complaint, they had me detained in a very small cell, declining my requests for medical attention and toilet use, in advance of any full strip search. This, however, did provide me total privacy to comply with their wish to remove such intimate piercings as possible. So, inside, I stripped off now totally naked. And pressed the call bell to hand over the removals...

They also took control of most clothing and my shoes, plus brief case. [#2928721].

While the Officers were presumably in liaison with the Dutch Prosecution Authorities and, I wonder, the Security Force of KLM., I was left in this small cold cell, pending questioning, in just underwear. I am a Consequent sort of person [Deutsch:- Konsequent Mensch]. I am also a very strong Believer in Justice. So, at this stage, while acutely anxious, I was not too unhappy. But mentally and physically almost exhausted. My emotions, to say the least, were then very mixed up. I had no idea of what was going to happen. My mood was a weird mix of excitement, fear and potential hysteria. I summoned such mental reserve best as I could. I needed short sleep.  I think that these detention cells may be video observed.

If so, I think that a good thing. I took off my underpants and masturbated myself to orgasm. That, at least, enabled me to get short calm sleep.

The alternative, as I saw it, was to bang my shaved head against the stone wall.

After some time had elapsed, I awoke in sheer panic. I pressed the call bell, because now I desperately needed to use the toilet, and was initially ignored.

But I was then temporarily discharged from this cell; finally, allowed to use the toilet, and sent for questioning, now partly clothed. I have read the transcript of this interview, which I signed at the time of my own free will, and have nothing to add or deduct from the contents thereof.

I declined the offer of any "fixed penalty" because I am innocent.

I was allowed to stand outside a room where the Police searched through my belongings.

I requested the Police the temporary use of my mobile telephone, or their telephone, to notify a close friend, who was looking after my home,  of my detention. That was refused, which would never happen in the United Kingdom, even for a more serious alleged Offence.

Since there was an oblique suggestion that I might be concealing legal or illegal drugs, I informed the Police that I would fully co-operate in a full private strip search. 

They did not avail themselves of this offer. It was made in good faith.

They also still did not get me much needed medical attention.

They locked me up, after giving me a small cup of vile soup, in a slightly larger cell.

It was sheer purgatory for me; they ignored my screams of despair and, no doubt concentrating on getting their instructions from the Duty Prosecutors, left me to rot and seriously contemplate physically harming myself. There was no air or blanket, nothing...

I was banging my Head against the Wall, in Metaphor and actually.

After what seemed an interminable period, a Police Officer did arrive and cruelly threatened to leave me to suffer there even longer if I didn't "shut up".

I was scared to death! I went into further shock mode... I have grave concerns about the lack of humanity, and legality, in a "civilised" country like The Netherlands, which occured.

Suddenly, I was - at the time hyper ventilating - told I would be released.

As I got dressed, there was even an impractical suggestion that I may even catch the

latest EasyJet flight to London. I was in no condition to fly anywhere at that time.

I have very considerable reluctance to ever fly anywhere at anytime in any Future.

After further paperwork, which I collected, they drove me to the Steigenberger Hotel on Schiphol Airport, where I checked-in and spent the next two nights on a British credit card.

I wished the escorting Officers, a "Good Night".

19 September, 2021.

That morning, I visited what purports to be "KLM Customer Services" at Schiphol Airport. Of course, I was polite and business-like. I asked them if they would fly me onto London. They offered to do so for 206,49 euros. I declined that unreasonable offer. I also went to see the Koninklijke Marechausse, to ascertain whether I would be permitted to transit the airport facilities. They agreed to this. Back at "KLM Customer Services", however, I was told that I should leave the airport building immediately.

Via reporting this to the Koninklijke Marechausse, I complied. I will never transit Schiphol airport again. KLM have since banned me for 5 years. Far as I'm concerned,

that can be for life. I have lost all trust in KLM. As of 1.1.2012, they have still not refunded my full accrued voucher value. Ironically, however, they renewed my "Flying Blue" Silver loyalty account 1119 435 4060. And, on 1.12.2021, e-mailed me, offering

me for purchase further "Flying Blue points". I would sooner catch a plague...

Donate Miles [@31.12.2021]

You have just donated

2715 Miles to Rode Kruis

Your new balance is:0 Miles

Flying Blue and Rode Kruis appreciate your generosity!



After a mutually unsatisfactory occurance on a flight between Dresden and Amsterdam, I have accepted a 5 years

Ban from travelling on KLM.

Your crew had me arrested on arrival at Amsterdam [Schiphol] airport. I was thereby unable to continue my

Pre-Booked travel that evening to London [Heathrow] airport, or the return booking a few days later London [City] airport

to Amsterdam [Schiphol] airport and back to Dresden.

The criminal legal process through the court at Haarlem is continuing in due course.

But I have lost all confidence in KLM and, apparently, your airline with me.

So you have lost your Silver Flying Blue customer #1119 435 460 forever.

And Blue Bizz IE01903.

Over the last months, you have accordingly been repeatedly requested to refund these monies:-




Ihre Gutscheine

Gutscheinnummer BetragAblaufdatum Status 0748201444587 115,87 EUR 31. Dezember 2021 Not used

Ausgestellt am

24. März 2020

0748242041571 160,87 EUR 31. Dezember 2021 Not used

Ausgestellt am

18. März 2020

0748238861782 340,00 EUR 31. Dezember 2021 Not used

Ausgestellt am

6. November 2019

0741505633776 81,85 EUR 18. August 2022 Not used

Ausgestellt am

18. August 2021

Frühere Gutscheine

Gutscheinnummer BetragAblaufdatum Status 0741505321716 100,58 EUR 18. August 2021 Unavailable


A total of 683,30.

Unfortunately, you have not responded.

I now serve you formally 14 days notice to return this money to account:-


Any further non-compliance by you of this legal FINAL DEMAND, will result in Civil Prosecution with additional costs and interest from the Federal Republic of Germany and The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.




Nicholas OSBOURNE, BA. [Hons], LSE.

torture restraint jacket.jpg

Ik had gehoopt dat deze eikels

me zo hadden opgesloten.....

I had hoped that these morons had me so restrained.....

Ich wolltest das diesen Idioten mich so zwang beherrscht hatte.

Dutch handcuffs-arrest-768x576.jpg

If, for a justifiable good reason,

somebody is brought into legal

custody, handcuffs or even more

severe restraint needs to be 









Dutch prison cell.jpg



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Het bewijs verteren

die Beweise verdauen

The evidence digested