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0282/1000 FUTURE DAYS

Let's say, for me at least, although the World as a whole has even more problems than me personally!, a while back now, I set a 1000 remaining days for me here on "Mother Earth".

So, as of today, I am on Day 282, Hence the new numbering system on my Blog, here and two other special interest webpages (BME.-IAM. and FL.). See my Links, if you are interested...

Sitting here in my very own JVA Grossenhain prison, clad just in white and blue stripes prison uniform, plus straw slippers, otherwise naked, covered in tattoos, piercings and other body mod.

Apart from my great old brown Labrador, Wago'2, there is nobody else in this great building, at this time.

I am really pleased with all the new piercing changes done by a great guy at Stichwort in Dresden recent weeks.

. my new anal piercing, just top of my asshole itself. I just slipped my hand in at the back of my prison stripe pants. Healing well, very comfortable, sat on my PC gaming chair!

. my new scrotal ring changes are also great...

. and I just pulled my cock out of the stripes..... the perpetual thick stainless steel ring in the head of my circumcised cock (Knob) feels and looks Brilliant!

. added advantage..... if I do go back to REAL prison, for any reason, including but not limited to these ridiculous pending Corona control breach regulations in Holland, it will be either IMPOSSIBLE or "bugger difficult" for "them" to remove, even by force!

This weekend, just past, I have also made some changes of my own.

Wide black ring in my left nostril.

Re-installing double Conche Industrial Tragus steel bar at the top of my left ear.

Moving thick stainless steel bar to a right Lorum piercing between my cock and balls.

Putting another safety pin in my left upper scrotum. I might replace it and another one in my sack later.

Anyway, here's to the future, whatever it is......-




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