• Nicholas Osbourne

0288/1000 FUTURE DAYS

A former British prime minister, Harold Wilson (Lab., 1964-1970, 1974-1976), once said that a week is a long time in politics. It's the same in my weird life.....

I have entered into direct contact with The Netherlands prosecution service, further to this ridiculous Corona Covid-19 control breach allegation on KLM airways 5 weeks ago.

On the 27th January, I will seek acquittal, remand or imprisonment.

I will NOT be negotiating financial settlement of any kind.

Yesterday, in Dresden, I had a new pubic piercing and two pieces of my scrotal metal "junk"replaced. Great guy at Stichwort, near Dresden Main Station, well recommended.

Afterwards, four great tram rides - first to a furniture store looking at big sofas for my own

old prison here in Grossenhain, Saxony - then in three stages, including a state of the art

new tram - out to Weinbohla, three regional train stations from here.

Today, working hard after a successful event here this weekend.

Tomorrow, off to Berlin for a "boy's outing".

By train.

Good night from JVA Grossenhain prison,



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