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OSBOURNE, we're taking off the cuffs now.- go behind the screen over there and strip off naked.....

Five dots. Prison dots. I've been there. I probably will again..... BUT NEVER completely "starkers".....

I'll walk back towards the guard inspector as instructed. With, so far, 258 tattoos & 45 piercings.

PLUS 18 genital and arm beadings. AND 4 brands on my feet, head, scrotum and shoulder.

They'll start with my Skinhead: says "MISFIT"; has the 5 prison dots and double black striped.

My neck, already completely covered, has the chain, stripe, and "MAYDAY VERDICT".

Down by my Chest, it's confirmed that I'm a "CONVICTED DELINQUENT FELON".

My right pierced nipple illustrates that I like Pot.

My abdomin has my nick name 'OZ'.

Down below, my prison history, including but not limited to "HMP" on the head of my cock.

My extensively tattooed legs reveal, among other things, that I am Autistic/Bi-Polar with a tendancy for Villany. AND that I'm WHITE TRASH...

My ankles and feet are similarly detention orientated.

"TURN AROUND OSBOURNE": Back and Butt covered, including 'GODFATHER' & 'PLAYBOY'.

My cock and sack are already pretty covered, 'though I have space for a small Ecsctasy logo.

"BEND OVER; PULL APART YOUR BUTT": I have three anal piercings, two guiches, trans-scrotal AND, before any of this "shit" happens again, plan on 1 more between my balls.....




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