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It is a bright but chill wind sort of Sunday morning at my old prison here in Grossenhain, Saxony, Germany.

Apart from my Irish dog, Wago'2, and me, nobody else is currently in this still great building.....

Mostly, "thanks" to the shocking Corona-Covid 19 attrocity against the People worldwide.

I sit at my desk, clad just in grey 'T' shirt/old FCUK make black boxer shorts and white socks.

As I reported here in my blog yesterday, because of what was for me a horrible incident on a KLM aircraft from Dresden to Amsterdam, three traumatic weeks ago, I may go to real prison in the aptly named The Netherlands next year.

I will not be rewarding this bastardy with ANY money.

On Friday, in Dresden, I had a second ANAL - yes bum! - piercing. So, with a Guiche, the other side of my hole, there will be a great visual impact and impression in any future strip searches, whether in - what was - lovely "NL", or anywhere else.....

I can also, right now, typing this, feel the weight of my new big scrotal Hafada ring between my legs.

We live, and hopefully survive, in what could be a wonderful world...

I say "BALLS" to shocking, wholly malicious, governance.

Best wishes to the Good!



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