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Living in and operating JVA Grossenhain prison, in Saxony/Germany, is mostly a great pleasure and privilege for me..... (five prison dots).

Yet, we all know, all the current world challenges. I have had a lot to say about them on my Twitter page: "Vatnick back in the Nick of Time".

In November, I started my travels, based at Faro in the Algarve/Portugal. During my stay,

I explored around and my mindset simultaneously. In nearby Albufeira, I had more tattoos done on my right hand. Then, I went by train onto Porto which is a really Cool city, and via Valenca, over to lovely Tui in Galicia/Spain; then imposing Santiago de Compostella and onto the well-renowned Basque Land to Bilbao and Irun. There I got further penis piercings,

including a horizontal bar into my circumcision.

Over into France, I really thought Bordeaux and Toulouse were great cities to visit.

I continued by train to via Lyon and Strasbourg, to Saarbrücken/Germany, where I spent a quiet but very cosy Christmas at a small Hotel with it's own sauna and swimming pool.

After a brief trip back, checking things at JVA Grossenhain prison, I went back to Porto

in January, including a tattoo around my naval, before flying to see a Friend in Bavaria at Landsberg an Loch onto Augsburg and Nuremberg. We visited the International War Crimes building and, quite frankly, as I was disgusted at the commentary of more modern implication, I walked out of it in moral disgust and revulsion! In Augsburg, I had another scrotal piercing and "REBELL" tattoo on my left arm. In Nuremberg, on the Sunday afternoon, I made a rare trip to a gay sauna for both the Heat and to get fucked anally which was great. A few days later, unrelated, I had some necessary surgery on my right hand and got checked out "down below". Via the historic city of Erfurt and Riesa, now back Home.....


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