Nick last sent to prison.....

Hemel Hempstead court Serco prison van.jpg

In March 2010, at then Hemel Hempstead magistrates court, I got sentenced to do

7 days in prison because of my willful refusal to pay an unjust fine.....

I got taken down the stairs handcuffed,

body frisked; my belt was taken out of my jeans; and I was kept in a solitary cell for about 3 hours or so.....

Then, now double handcuffed, I was led into the prison transporter, and taken to

HMP Bedford where detained inside,

to start with, in a mass holding cell.....

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After about an hour and half, I was led back into the main reception area. Asked various personal questions: "have you ever been to prison before?" [yes]; "are you straight or gay?" [bi], have you ever had venereal disease?" [yes]; "which one's?" [gonorrhoea and chlamydia); "where?" [several countries, in my

penis, anus-rectum, & throat']; "any religion?"

[Jewish]; "are you circumcised then?" [yes].....

Now told to drop my jeans and underpants.....

As you can see my cock is tattooed and pierced.

It is even more so now.....

Then, I got weighed and was strip searched.....

HMP incoming prisoner strip searched September 27 2009 1052.jpg
HMP Bedford 0  like as just after prison strip search with nothing on underneath.jpg

After the strip search, which included a look into my anal-rectal cavity, I was handed a short gown to wear and sent to the shower, then get these prison jeans, boxers and sweatshirt.....

Then it was to my Cell, which I shared with some other guys, and one wanted to see my cock.....

#A936AN OSBOURNE Nick.jpg
Nick strip searched at JTC in 2002 2.JPG

This is me, 8 years earlier, at the Jail Training Center, Atlanta, GA., USA., having just been strip searched and buzz head shaved.

JTC Nick ready to be returned to his cell.jpg
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What is intake like in prison?


Nicholas Osbourne

knows German

Quora Answered Apr 5

After sometime kept in a large[ish] group holding cell, where all sorts of debauchery can and does happen - I must admit to having joined in a bit, as I was “Itching”for a smoke, and therefore went to the toilet behind a side wall for a piss as cover for an illegal cigarette and joint draw, with my pants down -

I got called out into the main reception block. There I had to answer various personal questions, and this time legally drop my jeans and boxer shorts, because I am pierced/tattooed in this area. Then face photographed. Now, into another room and told to take off my trainers, white socks, jeans, jumper, shirt, under vest and boxer shorts, in that order. They checked on my head, eyes, nose, mouth, nipples, naval, cock, balls and arsehole.

My cock was swabbed for drugs hidden inside the slit [behind a foreskin not an option for me as I'm circumcised] and STD’s. Then

I was given a rather short dressing gown, which didn’t really hide everything, and walk down the coridoor to get a shower and the uniform.

Took about 40 minutes, mainly because I am heavily tattooed.


JVA Grossenhain prison