Nick Flughafen Frankfurt aM July 8 2019
Governor Nick at Bautznerstrasse Dresden
Nick in Dresden July 18 2019 2131.jpg

” I always get to where I’m going

by walking away

from where I have been.”

"Ich komme immer irgendwo an, indem ich von dort losgehe, wo ich grade war"

― Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne

These words, which got inherited from my chosen Wix template,

are amazingly accurate and apt to describe my life philosophy and strategy... at school, in further education, law practice, politics, subsequent sub-criminality, in prison, media and teaching work, 

a short further time "Inside behind bars" ; then "on the bum" and now at the helm in:-

As a Kid, who never did or will "grow up", whatever that means?,

I loved Winnie the Pooh, Basil Brush, Paddington and Top Cat....

Kindred Spirit/s, no doubt.

I feel just as comfortable clad in jeans, leather, suit/shirt and tie,

sports gear, track suit or "my birthday suit", like nothing at all!

Two other twin passions of mine, I was told, are:-

"elections and erections".

That's True; I'm "Guilty on both Counts"!

I am Autistic, Bi-Polar, Bi-Sexual and, in English and German,

evermore Bi-Lingural.

Check out and

Fetlife NickOZuchthaus- you'll see how Body Moded

I have chosen to be and, when the big Corona scare gets licked,

get further still.....  All my other interests and passions get

unrolled in this website..... as and when I feel like it.....

I'll make a start with what was a Spiegel picture..... [5 prison dots]-

Trams and Trolleybuses to me are ELECTRIC, in more ways than 1!

Trams - Straßenbahnen

magnificent tattooed girl.jpg
my XR3i 3.jpg

Ink and Tits - 80s Fords

Tinte und Titten, XR3i

Nick in 1988 1.jpg

The weekend after my early release from

prison in 1988..... I drove home to Cornwall.....

via a redundant airstrip en-route... 

A43 A42 autobahnen.jpg

11 years later, in 1999, I drove from

London to Wuppertal to ride the renowned monorail "Schwebebahn" which had first

captured my imagination as a 12 years old Boy in 1970, reading  "Modern Tramway" magazine in London, at the same time that another great, in

this case, "Wank Mag.",  PLAYBOY, literally came into my Life!

Playboy 1.JPG

The preserved Kaiserwagen is a carriage built for the Wuppertal Schwebebahn in 1900, and which still periodically operates.

It was this carriage in which the Kaiser Wilhelm II and consort Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein rode when they visited Wuppertal on 24 October 1900.

I enjoyed traditional apple cake and coffee on board the 30 minutes journey from Oberbarmen to Vohwinkel, via Stadtmitte.

02 OZ back in his nickers.jpg
03 PLAYBOY back in his nickers.jpg
Playboy 2.jpg

'OZ' über Deutschland/over Germany

Nick in Bayern.jpg
Rothenburg 1.jpg