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You're nicked!.....
Get all your clothes of NOW!>
Jetzt alles Ausziehen!>

Nick SKIN January 11 2021 1329.jpg
tracks May 6 2023 1710.jpg
Skinhead Recividist.jpg
Jor uitkleiden January 13 2022 1433.jpg
1218 Legs.jpg
I have been strip searched a number of times..... I now have around 300 tattoos and 36 piercings, plus genital beading and a partial penis incision.....
Five "prison dots" included.....
I love having to expose myself;
jeans and pants down and, maybe, off.....
In the roughest of situations.....
Nick pubic shaved at Stichwort May 25 2023 1551 1.jpg
Prisoner Nick showing his arse January 27 2022 1016.jpg
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