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Nick's private Health

As a bi-sexual active and passive male, I take Health

rather seriously... and, actually, enjoy doing so...

On 7 May, 2022, I had double Hernia surgery, now healed. On 1 February 2023, in Nuremberg, local surgery on my right hand. All "Corona" tests negative.

Recent further STD. tests in Dresden also negative. 

Berlin mein Ärztepraxis gebaude.jpg
Nick's circumcised prisoner cock F February 17 2021 1058.jpg
Nick December 14 2021 1050.jpg
Skinhead OZ injected against the clap January 25 2022 1008.jpg
my tattooed butt December 16 2019 1944.jpg
Berlin Nollendorferplatz Arztepraxis January 25 2022 0752.jpg
sGs piss sample at STD clinic.jpg
sGS my piss on the shelf at STD clinic March 5 2021 1130.jpg
Nick's new ass piercing 1 October 1 2021 1457.jpg

In the following pictures,

at my doctor's surgery in Berlin, I am having a preventative injection against any Gonorrhoea in my anus, penis and throat.

Nick to be injected against gonorrhoea 8 July 10 2021 1259 1.jpg
Nick to be injected against gonorrhoea 6 July 10 2020 1258 1.jpg
Nick to be injected against gonorrhoea 1 July 10 2020 1249.jpg
Nick to be injected against gonorrhoea 9 July 10 2021.jpg
Bij Den Haag SOA Klinik September 14 2020 1037.jpg
Bij Den Haag SOA Klinik September 14 2020 1240 1.jpg
Bij Den Haag SOA Klinik September 14 2020 1244.jpg
injecting Nick against the clap January 25 2022 0957.jpg

In these pictures, taken in The Hague,

my penis and anus get tested for any Sex infections.

Now I have a total of 36 piercings: around my face, throat, neck, nipples, naval, penis, scrotum and anus.

Also, 12 genital and right arm beads and ribs.

Nick in the bath.jpg
Nick after Astra Zeneca vaccine in Riesa March 11 2021 1146.jpg

In the bath on 16 October 2021, after great piercing changes at in Dresden.

Nick December 14 2021 1010.jpg
Nick December 14 2021 1048.jpg

With my jeans and Hom black jocks slipped down, urinating for STD. tests...

SUK 3 December 23 2021.jpg
Screenshot 2022-01-06 at 18-05-27 Testergebnis.png
Nick im gyno.jpg
Corona test 18 04 22.jpg
Striped skinhead prisoner strip December 20 2021 1052.jpg

Here is me in my German prison,

naked [other than all my tattoos and piercings!] underneath hooded strip suit. It's nice to know that my penis, scrotum and anus are reportedly healthy.....

Skinhead Nick laying on med couch for anti-clap injection in his right arm January 25 2022
SUK 2.jpg
SUK 1.jpg
Rezept 3.jpg
my sub-incised cock.jpg
Prisoner Nick showing his arse January 27 2022 1016.jpg
EU Covid Impfung antrag.jpg
EU Digital Covid certificate.jpg

I understand that the Chinese are experimenting Corona Covid-19 testing and vaccinating in the anus... Well, if need be, I'd be "up" for that!>

I don't think that it would be "a pain in the arse"!

Meanwhile, here's my latest certification of the

Bio-Tek vaccine in the right arm done at Riesa on January 11th 2022. I'm right-handed... HINT!>

Nick Bio-Tek January 11 2021 1639.jpg
Nick Hernia growing 1.jpg
inguinal Hernia 8 weeks.jpg
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