Screenshot_2021-01-21 (12) NickOZuchthau
my ex-wife, who doesn't
look unlike the Russian
beauty here, going into
prison, spent money,
at her whim and fancy,
like it could be printed!
I ended up paying- twice!
It was me, as depicted in
this spoof picture, who
ended up in the Cuffs!
Some favourite photos
on my life journey
between are shown.....
Great buildings, roads,
music, transport, Art,
when things weren't so
stuffed by the useless politicians, con artists and idiots around today...
St. Petersburg,
Das Ansehen ist zu mir egal.....
Reputation to me is equal.....
Screenshot_2021-01-21 (12) NickOZuchthau
Highway to Vyborg, Russia
Screenshot_2021-01-21 (12) NickOZuchthau
St. Petersburg 22.jpg
Vyborg highway 08 June 3 2010.jpg
Cape Town African shirt 6 March 3 2017 1
Cape Town,
South Africa
Vyborg highway 10 40km June 3 2010.jpg
Gautrain, Gauteng, South Africa.
PL June 2015 004.JPG
Lublin at dawn.JPG
Bytom (Beuten), Poland
Lublin, Poland
Gautrain Nick March 9 2017 1713.jpg
Pretoria strip search 3 March 9 2017 132
HMP Wormwood Scrubs 07.jpg
My home in HMP 1987/8.....
I then had 60 of the 255 tattoos
that I have today, done in 22 countries...
My body art web page is: -
sunset view from Ma'ale HaHamisha, a fine kibbutz in central Israel. Located in the Judean hills just off
the Jerusalem–Tel Aviv highway...
sunset view from Maale Hachamisha.JPG
9636 #A9636AN.png
027 Sunset over Jerusalem.JPG
sunset view over Jerusalem, which could have been not only a great city itself, but an inspiration for others worldwide... Civilisation could be more perfect, with better governance, as we have discovered with this Corona incompetence! 
Damals Bundeskanzler Willy Brandt (SPD) in Warschau, Polen, als Hommage zum Nazi-ermordet Juden. The former Federal Chancellor Brandt in Warsaw, Poland, with homage to the Jews murdered by the Nazis. 1970, I was 12...

Mein erster Besuch in damals West-Deutschland in 1972, gegen 14 jahre war. Später, Brandts SPD/FDP Koalition wiedergewählt wird.

My first visit in then West Germany was in 1972, at 14.

Later, Brandt's Social-Liberal

coalition got re-elected.

Willy muss Kanzler bleiben.jpg

In Juni 1973, Willy Brandt machte einen Staatsbesuch in Israel. Ich war 15 jahre....

In June 1973, Willy Brandt made a State Visit to Israel.

I was 15.

Willy Brandt in Israel.jpg

Helmut Schmidt took over from Willy Brandt in May 1974, ostensibly because of a spy in his private office, when I was 16. A long-haired Jewish teenage Boy, in school uniform and white Jockey 'Y' Front underpants, was curious reading the headline "BRANDT RESIGNS"

in the London


By this time, I already had

visited West Germany three times and was about to see East Germany, the former German Democratic Republic...

Dresden 1974 Straßenbahnen.jfif
Willy Brandt Helmut Schmidt.jpg
03 DE Nick beim Harz 1.jpg
wank zeichen.jpg

There really is such a place in Bavaria,  in the former West Germany!

Schmidt vereidigt Bundeskanzler.jpg

Chatting with a very charming girl in Ísafjörður, Iceland.

Old enough then to be her Dad,

but who cares?

Isafjordur 7.jpg

Admiring the toy puffins in a shop opposite the old Reykjavik/Iceland, jailhouse where - innocently - I once got strip searched, swabbed intimate, handed a paper jumpsuit, and spent a short time locked up.....

37 SR Nick Jewish Suriname Optimized.jpg
Puffins to prison Reykjavik June 29 2017

Reisen um Grönland, 2015 -

Travelling around Greenland


Vinyl disc music was and still is sheer magic, a "rolling stone", not

limited to Mick Jagger pictured here in Salamanca, Spain.

My range is from BACH to BEETHOVEN; BEATLES and



Espana February 18 2015 1513.JPG
Basil Brush 2.jpg
Top Cat strolling.jpg

Meet 4 of this forever "Kid's" forever heroes: Basil Brush "BOOM BOOM!",

Top Cat (the great Cool "TC"), Paddington and Pooh Bears.

Gus Honeybun.jpg
Oscar Puffin.jpg
Winnie the Pooh.jpg
These guyz, Gus Honeybun in Cornwall and Oscar Puffin in Jersey, wished me a very
"Happy Birthday", as a young
Kid, watching regional ITV. 

I love TV idents...



and BBC-TV election programmes over the years...

22 Favourite places/Lieblingsorte
New York City (2).jpg
HE Naxos 1986 1R.JPG


New York City, 1980/22

Greek Islands,

1982, 1986/24 & 28

HE Naxos 1986 nightfall temple 3.JPG
HE Naxos 1986 my jeep.JPG

Halcyon nights at the Pink Panther Bar and then near or totally naked days with the girls & other boys, often "wrecked"!  Brilliant!

HE Athens trolleybus 1.JPG
HE Naxos 1986 view from room.JPG
HE Naxos 1986 Pink Panther Bar 1.JPG
HE Naxos 1986 nightfall temple 3.JPG
HE Naxos 1986 Pink Panther Bar 3.JPG

Not for me is the Acropolis the most beautiful site or even sight of Athens!  Give me instead  an electric trolleybus going to a decent Taverna for Moussaka, Ouzo, Greek Coffee, Marlboros and good company...

Nick at Portuguese market.jpg
Portugal Algarve and
Greek Islands in the 80's/25 & 28, and then
"now for something
completely different"...
cuffed in jeans 6.jpg

19 October 1987, SOUTHERN ENGLAND:-

"NICHOLAS OSBOURNE, you pleaded GUILTY to two charges of Supply... and pleaded NOT Guilty

to a further charge thereof you are acquitted...

you will go to prison for 2 years and 8 months,


From Court to my later allocated prison, via another London jail, took nearly 4 hours..... hours....cuffed.....Inside, by when it was dark outside, I was told to strip OFF completely naked; lift up my circumcised cock and balls; and bend right over to (‿ˠ‿)..... I admit now to then getting another a HARD ON in that ERECTION.....

HMP Pentonville Serco van.jpg
HMP Wormwood Scrubs 03.jpg
Gefangnis Hebrew Nick.jpg
Screenshot_2021-01-17 Naoise-Ryan Israel
After my early release in 1988,
I felt more like 20 than 30;
got my cock beaded/re-pierced/ further tattooed, and for several years each lived in beautiful Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and the Channel Islands....
Then, in 1996 and 1998,
to Australia...
Jersey Bon Nuit bay 2.jpg
Nick in Canberra.jpg

More than 33 years later, from time to time living at my own prison in the former East Germany, I am now covered in tattoos and piercings from head to toes and everywhere in between.....
My most recent trip away, with my amazing still wonderful dog Wago'2, in these challenging-everyone climate change and Corona times, was to Magdeburg, Amsterdam, Zwolle, Hannover, Berlin and Dresden late June/early July. I had my 12th genital bead, new intimate piercings on both sides, and my initial 'N' tattooed on my right thumb.....


Nick in Ampelmann hoodie 2.jpg
Jewish Skinhead on German train 2 May 20 2021 1656 2.jpg
OZ Mister B.jpg
9636 HMP prisoner.jpg
JVA Moabit - tag.jpg
Nick's new ass piercing 2 October 1 2021 1457.jpg
JVA Grossenhain prison.jpg
#A9636AN Nicholas OSBOURNE March 8 2021 1801.jpg
JVA Moabit - nacht.jpg
King David Hotel to JVA Grossenhain prison.jpg