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I love travelling worldwide and, it's been said, I always "go local"  in wherever it is...

so far to and in 68 countries or territories, of which I've had, so far, 252  tattoos and 40 piercings and 4 brands in 22 of them (+England);   this is also the number of my favourite age when I was in Canada, Germany and Iceland, all of which I still admire...

On the other hand, I was just as happy to land down in prison 1975/1987/2010,

and now at my awesome, evermore wonderful, JVA Grossenhain prison in Germany.....

Screenshot_2021-01-18 Nick in Hebrew Als
48 DE Nick up high over Großenhain.jpeg
Am/on the Kupferberg, Grossenhain

As a teenager at 17, I got bare-arsed caned with my mates, in a prison off Penang.....

At 28-29, in HMP Wormwood Scrubs and Ford.....  I volunteered at Jail Training Center, Atlanta, GA., USA.  in 2002; JVA-Grossenhain, then Liepāja/Karosta, Latvia, in 2006; in HMP Bedford 2010; and Reykjavík, Iceland, in 2016; now and life beyond in my evermore more magnificent NickOZuchthaus, JVA Grossenhain prison, Saxony in the Federal Republic of Germany.

JVA Grossenhain prison inmate.jpg
my Babylon Berlin tattoo.png
Screenshot_2021-01-31 JVA Grossenhain pr
prison kitchen trustee.png
Espana February 18 2015 1151 1.JPG
There is much beauty in Salamanca, Spain
Nick in Iceland by Helen Segal 2.JPG
Me in Iceland. Yeah... I'm also a trainers "freak"!,
when not at least a bit undressed!
Blue Lagoon 1 photo.jpg
Blue Lagoon 4.jpg
Nick in Reykjavik July 2 2017 1654.jpg

Jerez, Spain

Cape Town,

South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Isafjordur 8 trim.JPG
Espana February 19 2015 1509.JPG
Suburban train Cape Town March  3 2017 1
Premier Train approaching Johannesburg s

Vyborg, Russia

Vyborg trains.jpg
Leipzig hbf., Germany
The Dog is my Wago'2

Im Hauptstadt/

In the capital...

Wago'2 August 27 2020 1225.jpg
Wago'2 at Berlin Sud-Kreuz station July
Toronto streetcar 2.jpg

Canada is another of my favourite countries... first the

renowned "RIDE THE ROCKET" tram in Toronto, Ontario.

Then crossing the bridge from Ottawa to Québec,

I joined in the Call:- "DON'T BREAK UP CANADA...



Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem panoramic 4.JPG