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JVA Grossenhain prison 001 January 1 2022 1424.jpg

JVA Grossenhain prison, Saxony, BRD.

January 1, 2022.

Last eastbound road sign before reaching JVA Grossenhain prison.....

Elsterwerda Riesa Zentrum zeichen January 1 2021 1344.jpg
old Grossenhain rail bed 1 January 1 2022 1323.jpg

In the near vicinity of my prison are

some woods which were traversed

by a railway track sadly now disused.

On January 1 2022, I strolled out ''on leave" from my prison to buy Marlboros and explore the vicinity.....

old Grossenhain rail bed 3 January 1 2022 1327.jpg
old Grossenhain rail bed 2 January 1 2022 1324.jpg

Bob Brown manufacture prison pants;

Adidas white baseball boots and Swedish laces.....

Now pierced in my eyebrow, face, nose, ears, around my mouth and in tongue...

Nick January 1 2022 1302.jpg
Nick's pierced cock and sack January 1 2021 1325.jpg

...and in my nipples, naval, cock, sack and butt...

I made sure, of course, in this brief

self-exposition, I was invisible...

Nick January 1 2022 1323.jpg
my beaded circumcised pierced tattooed cock December 9 2021 1233 (2).jpg
my butt crack December 2 2021 2058.jpg
my pants down showing butt and guiche piercings December 23 2021 1853.jpg
Nick January 4 2022 1930.jpg
JVA Grossenhain prison strip search #A9636AN December 24 2021 1530.jpg
Nick January 3 2021 1108.jpg

Whenever I come back to my beloved JVA Grossenhain prison,

comes a complete "strip search";  even if I have to do it myself!

My woolen undershorts have a gap from which my cock escapes!

my beaded circumcised pierced tattooed cock December 9 2021 1233.jpg

About my cock > it's now almost completely inked,  genitally beaded and ribbed. And pierced.......

Prisoner Nick showing his cock January 27 2022.jpg
Prisoner Nick showing his cock January 27 2022 1002.jpg
Nick in prison 2 January 29 2022 0941.jpg
Nick in prison 1 January 29 2022 0941.jpg
Prisoner Nick showing his arse January 27 2022 1016.jpg
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